Terminal Emulation Products
Terminal Emulation for Unix and Mainframes
Deliver green-screen applications to Windows PCs, thin clients, or through the Web, for IBM, HP, Unisys, Wyse, Tandem, DEC, AT&T, or Unix. *NEW VERSION 10.4*
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Unix Connectivity Solutions
Create a seamless connection between your PCs and UNIX applications with Multiview 8. Take advantage of Multiview 8 Server edition in terminal server and Citrix environments.
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Mobile Application Products
The Word of Promise Audio Bible App
The Word of Promise Audio Bible is a scripted dramatization of the trusted New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible presented in a compelling, dramatic audio theater format.
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Truth & Life Audio Bible App
The Truth & Life Audio Bible is a catholic audio Bible and Study Bible app. Containing the award winning Truth & Life Audio Bible and the Ignatius Press Study Bible.
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